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Bold flower flooring full of 90's nostalgia

Bold flower flooring full of 90's nostalgia

Atrafloor’s newest set of floral flooring designs are inspired by 90’s prints, pop culture and daisy-chain nostalgia

Before the boom of 00's reality shows, television in the 1990's was all about pop culture and young adults hanging out with their friends. Atrafloor's new 90's Floral collection pays homage to the style heroines of 90's TV and the lighthearted fun of the decade that is making a big comeback in current trends.

In this flooring collection, the simple flower motifs make a bright and bold homage to 90's teen interiors and fashion. They're reminiscent of a classic floral slip dress and graphic tee combo, or bedroom furnished with a fashionable lava lamp and colourful inflatable chair.

It wouldn't be surprising to find designs like these in the bedroom of Clarissa Explains It All, or within the stylish wardrobes of Friends' Rachel Green and Joey from Dawson's Creek.

The 90's Floral collection makes a statement as nostalgic flooring designs that feel fun and refreshing in a modern home. ’90’s Rerun’ is one of the key trends in the Pinterest Top 100 report this year, so there's no doubt that this decade's signature styles will be spotted making more and more of an impression on interiors in 2020.

Product Details

Doris, Spot and Garden are available at:

All flooring is made-to-order and priced at £59.00 /m2

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