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Complete an unapologetically joyful home with 'soda pop' flooring

Complete an unapologetically joyful home with 'soda pop' flooring

Right now, fans of colourful interiors love to decorate their homes with what AMARA call the Arcade trend. This new, punchy set of flooring designs by Atrafloor are a simple and impactful way to style a space with this eye-catching trend that's here to stay, as well as introduce playful patterns to a modern pad.

Featuring a soda pop palette of pastel mint, purple, pink and sherbet orange shades, the bright flooring is designed to bring pops of refreshing colour to a home and craft an all around joyful concept. After all, positivity radiating from interior spaces is not something that stylists or homeowners will be shying away from in 2020.

The striped style of the designs are ideal for making small floors appear more spacious, and they can be customised to match customers' colour preferences or existing home palette, making any dreamy bold look achievable.

Product Details

Products available at:

All flooring is made-to-order and priced at £59.00 /m2

For further information please contact [email protected]

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Anna Fell
Anna Fell PR executive, Atrafloor


About Atrafloor

Atrafloor is a brand new, custom printed flooring concept that brings never before seen design solutions to the world of flooring.

Our mission is to expand creative freedom and give the ability to make design concepts a reality.

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