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Guide to Going 'Farmhouse'

With an abundance of comfortable, natural furnishings and cosy accessories, Farmhouse looks to be this year's new Hygge.

The Farmhouse look is currently the biggest interior design trend and style of choice, and Atrafloor have created a guide to going all out with the agricultural aesthetic at home.

Make Any Home a Modern Farmhouse

With every immersive interiors style there are defining and staple features that make the full look achievable, and Farmhouse is no exception.

1) Try playing with textures

Make neutrals cosy by layering up in the living room and bedroom with throws, blankets and cushions galore. Pair classic tartan patterns with charming knits for comfort, and create the look of a true hand-crafted farmhouse throughout the home with whitewashed wooden furnishings.

Make the look more modern by swapping traditional farmhouse brick walls for smooth surfaces in solid colours, and using oversized Victorian tile designs in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

2) Careful with your colours

Atrafloor have hand-picked designs from their flooring range that best speak the Farmhouse style, and have curated a colour palette of natural, neutral colours with toned pastel pops for a refreshing mix of rich and soft shades.

Farmhouse colours are inspired by the countryside and invite in images of fresh green grass, organic materials and produce and a muddy walk outdoors in red wellies.

3) Antique accessories

It's easy to cosy up in an interior based on classic rural farmhouse living. Traditional, antique-style ornamentation is the cherry on top of the style, giving any room its own story and a homey feel. Keep the placement and styling with décor fairly minimal to balance classic and contemporary.

It's time to feel at home in your space with indulgent Farmhouse styling that lets everyone escape to the countryside.

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