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Red Thread of Fate: The Tale Behind True Love

Folklore about fated love meets conceptual interior design for Atrafloor project

The human race is historically and endlessly starry-eyed over the notion of fate. The idyllic idea that we each have a 'soulmate' that we're predestined to find and to fall for is a concept we can't seem to shake, even if we think it fiction.

Whether you're a believer or not, the ancient Chinese legend of The Red Thread of Fate is an undoubtably romantic belief that is said to be behind the mystery of true love, and is also the inspiration behind Atrafloor's latest project.

The Lore

According to the folklore of East Asian origins, there is an invisible red thread tied to your's and your destined partner's pinky fingers that connects you both throughout your lives.

Though it may strain or tangle at times, the string can never snap, and it ensures that you will eventually find your way to fated love.

The romantically symbolic nature of the tale is culturally significant globe-wide, with the idea of fated lovers being a popular trope and point of focus in stories and works of art throughout the ages.

The Designs

The design team at Atrafloor were inspired by the legend to create a collection of conceptual, modern flooring designs that feature the red strings intertwining and abstractly capture the harmony and romance of fate.

The minimalist, geometric designs in blushed terracotta and rose red shades are representations of red threads of fate simultaneously connecting and crossing paths. The patterns present a visual for struggling with the unknown nature of fate, weaved with the bliss of trusting that everything happens for a reason.

These two designs bring the tale behind true love to the world of interiors in the form of contemporary designs that create aspirational spaces, while acting as a reminder that fate is all around us.

Product Details

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Flooring is made-to-order and priced at £59.00 per square metre.

Atrafloor is available for home and commercial use.

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Furniture pieces provided by West Elm. Stylist picks: Lucas Swivel Base Chair in GravelConcrete and Metal Standing Planter in Medium and Large sizes.

About Atrafloor

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