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Taking terrazzo flooring to a trendy new place

Taking terrazzo flooring to a trendy new place

At this point, terrazzo is the home trend that is simply too stylish to replace. The confetti mix of concrete and natural stone chips have a simplistic and raw appeal, while the flecks of marble and quartz give a glimmer of opulence.

This new floor cover creation by Atrafloor offers something different than usual terrazzo textures, which fans of the trendy material are sure to swoon over. Combining trend-led digital design and colour palettes with custom-made vinyl flooring, 'Chip' is the latest addition to Atrafloor's Terrazzo range.

Sweet-tooth for terrazzo?

Interesting takes on terrazzo aren't just reserved for notebook covers, pencil pots and small splashbacks. Atrafloor's vinyl designs with creative terrazzo effects and terrazzo-inspired art make it easier to incorporate the look in a bigger way, across any size floor space.

Designer Lauren Kavanagh breaks down the aesthetic of the new product:

'The circle design gives a playful jawbreaker candy look to the terrazzo. There is a pink grid backing them that provides a simple tile effect without cold, stone tiles.
The colour palette is soft and dreamy, with the black circles providing the right amount of contrast. This gives the design a stylish edge, so it's not too sugary sweet.
The trending teal, mellow yellow and red clay fragments are tasteful primary colour alternatives, which also balance the youthful pastels with more laid-back tones.'

Even the most mundane room can receive an instant style update with 'Chip'. The flooring design allows anyone to incorporate terrazzo style into their interiors, along with elements of innovative, modern design.

Product Details

Chip and other unique terrazzo designs are available from Atrafloor at:

All vinyl flooring is made-to-order and priced at £59.00 /m2

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Anna Fell
Anna Fell PR executive, Atrafloor
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