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Terrazzo Trend Deconstructed By Designers

Where does our love for all things Terrazzo come from? These designers looked into the reasons behind its recent rise in popularity and reimagined the trend to create some new, über contemporary Terrazzo designs!

The in-house design team at Atrafloor have a habit of hunting down the biggest and most intriguing interiors trends and turning them into high-design flooring. This time, they've created a collection of minimalist designs inspired by terrazzo and the Naïve Art movement.

Why The Obsession?

The designers have come up with some interesting insights on the success of terrazzo-themed design that they used to inspire their chic range of flooring. Take a look at just some of the reasons we all can't get enough of terrazzo:

  • Marble Makeup

It's no secret that Marble has been dominating the design world lately, and it just so happens to be a big part of terrazzo's makeup. The refined beauty of marble screams 'luxury', making this material one of the biggest reasons behind why we find Terrazzo so glamorous.

  • Textures & Tones

More traditional terrazzo is full of earthy colours and a medley of quartz, granite, marble, glass and cement textures that reflect our love of raw materials in design. But it's the modern, creative versions that have brought on a trend alert for terrazzo. Textures in a variety of colours and tones can be combined to personalise the terrazzo look with the perfect palette. Rainbow terrazzo? Why not!

Inspired by this idea, the design team have created some neutral-toned terrazzo designs, but customers can request to have the flooring customised in any colour scheme imaginable.

  • Specks & Sparkles

The flecks of quartz, marble and more that make up the terrazzo material sparkle with glitz and glam and are guilty of making everyone obsessed with all things speckled lately. The jagged yet delicate, perfectly imperfect shapes of the shards speak of our love for handmade charm and remind us of a dalmatians' chic, naturally speckled look.

Designer Kat Jones, head of the Terrazzo project, says "the little chips that make up terrazzo are instantly recognisable, and we took inspiration from these in two ways. Our Fleck design resembles the material's small, scattered shapes and gives a minimalist speckled look, while the Terra design features oversized, textured shapes for a fresh take on terrazzo that makes a modern design statement."

Product Details

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All flooring is made-to-order and priced at £59.00 per square metre.

Atrafloor is available for home and also commercial use.

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Anna Fell PR Executive, Atrafloor
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