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Topography: A lesson in contouring from Mother Nature herself

The effortlessly beautiful Contour is the latest flooring design from Atrafloor and is inspired by the art and science surrounding topography.

Topography is the study of the shape of the Earth's land. Natural and man made forms are captured on topographic maps, with contour lines showing how the land dips, curves, peaks and falls.

Drawing inspiration from the aesthetically intriguing patterns of these contour lines, Atrafloor have created a minimal floor design featuring this topographic art, which echoes the familiar tones and shapes that represent numerous valleys, mountain ranges and other natural formations.

Product Details

Discover the Topography colour ways here:

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All flooring is made-to-order and priced at £59.00 per square metre.

Atrafloor is available for home and commercial use.

For further information please contact [email protected]

About Atrafloor

Atrafloor is a brand new, custom printed flooring concept that brings never before seen design solutions to the world of flooring.

Our mission is to expand creative freedom and give the ability to make design concepts a reality.

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